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The first thing to do before talking about Keno tips is to understand the rules of this lottery. Keno is a Chinese version of the lotto that we all know. The rules are almost the same with a few differences. The numbers in Keno range from 1 to 80, and you will select up to 20 numbers. The selection is therefore much larger than in the lottery.

Depending on the numbers drawn, you will win more or less payouts. Keno rewards are fixed and defined in advance. For example, for 3 correct numbers, you will win a predefined amount. In the lottery, this is not the case since it is according to the number of winners that the winnings are distributed.

So you know before you play what you can expect to win. This is important because it gives you interesting visibility and allows you to optimize your Keno bets. Obviously, the more you bet, the more the payout grid increases, but the more risk you take.

Likewise, another difference in Keno is that you can benefit from a multiplier (ranging from 1 to 10) by paying an additional amount. You will then have a bonus draw which will determine by how much your winning will be multiplied. If you hit the 1, obviously your Keno winnings will not be increased.

Keno Tips and Advice

Here we will give you a list of tips and advice to follow to increase your chances of winning Keno. Remember, despite the tips, Keno is still a game of chance and you can't win every time.

However, since you are selecting 20 out of 80 numbers, the chance of having a few numbers coming up that will pay off your stake is much higher than in lotto. This gives you a good chance of winning some regular cash in Keno.

The Best Tips for Winning at Keno

A basic Keno trick is to watch the numbers that come out often (called “hot numbers”) or infrequently (also called “cold numbers”).

Then it's up to you to choose whether you prefer to bet on those who come out often (assuming that the machine that shoots the balls tends to favor certain numbers) or if you prefer to play the cold numbers (starting from the calculation of probabilities that says that the less something is released, the more likely it is that something will be released in the future).

We recommend that you pre-select these hot and cold numbers and use them as a working basis.

Find the Numbers

So the first trick in Keno is to try to find the right numbers. The more numbers you choose on your grid, the more it will cost you, but the more chances you have of hitting a good number. You can select up to 20 of the 80, or 1/4. If you have listed 5-7 cold numbers, you can put them in your basic selection.

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