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Many people dream of winning keno one day. We can understand it: the salary in the office is not amazing, fixed charges and taxes increase, purchasing power decreases ... In the end, knowing how to win Keno would bring many benefits.

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Keno is a fairly straightforward game and anyone can play it with ease right off the bat. Playing is one thing, but improving your game over time is another, and if you are serious about the game, and Keno, then you should learn the ropes in order to be successful continuously. These tips can help you whether you are playing online or in some real casinos.

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The first thing to do before talking about Keno tips is to understand the rules of this lottery. Keno is a Chinese version of the lotto that we all know. The rules are almost the same with a few differences. The numbers in Keno range from 1 to 80, and you will select up to 20 numbers. The selection is therefore much larger than in the lottery.